How racism arise?

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Racism exists practically in all countries, but in certain places and situations, it is especially common. Some of the very common reasons for racism to arise; are fear or the need for a “escape goat". If things are going badly, many people’s natural reaching is to blame somebody else.


 This is exactly what often causes racism, if the unemployment is rising or the national economy is very weak, many people will look for escape goat to blame, and in most cases they will choose the people they don’t know such as those with a different ethnical or cultural background.

In some cases racism can general an enormous amount of anger that it can cause a war. The thing that causes this anger is mainly fear.


Fear that the stranger will take your house, your job. You don’t know who this stranger is, and he doesn’t know you.


           To fight racism we have to get to know each other, and learn more about each other’s cultures. We have got to share each other’s joys, but also learn that we often have the same problems and worries.

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??? 26/01/2007 13:52

Racism est inné, on le déguise seulement. Il explose parfois.